33 Ultimate Front Door Designs

You need to factor all these aspects along with being sturdy enough to protect your home. They are usually made from metal and are available as per the designs. The lighting outside the door: Another factor once you have picked the color of the door that you need to consider is the lighting. These class up the place and give   out an aura of warmth. Just make sure that it works with the rest of the elements on the door like the color, the display of house number and the lighting. The best part is that it is not too tough and takes a little bit of thought to get the right idea. Here are some of the aspects that you can work with to make things look better:
The color of your door: Actually there are very few rules with regard to this. Lighting can be tweaked to make this more visible

Knobs and handles: Another thing that can make your door stand out is the knob on the door and the handle of the door. There are many types of lighting for you to choose from. The fact is that the door is open to the elements and has to withstand all types of weather. Some of the examples are below:

Source:   Guiding Home You can go in with general lighting or go for an old world feel with lighting that looks like lanterns. You can and should take the time and make the effort to add a few touches to your front door so that people have a impression of warmth and a welcoming feeling as they are about to enter. It will also act as a precursor as to what people can expect in terms of décor when they step into your abode. You can choose to go with something really simple and minimal or something that is large and dramatic. Plus the wear and tear to front doors is more due to the extent of usage. There are many options in this area from the classical, the new age, the whimsical, the antique or even the weird if that is what you want to go with. You can make your front door so jazzy that it will make a great first impression. For a more science fiction look you can go in for lighting that comes in different shades

Play with the house number: By playing in this instance we mean the way you will display it and not with the actual numbers. You have everything from a basic ring to intricately cast animals, dragons, or even floral motifs.

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