9 Ideas to Let Go of Today to Be Happier at Home Next Year

Know that no one will ever have the exact home that you’ve created — because you’ve infused it with your own personality and there’s no one else like you! Nine times out of ten, they’ll make things much, much worse the longer you put off dealing with them. Learn to strike that balance of aspiring to a better a home for yourself (plan ahead for projects efficiently) and meditating on being grateful for the home you’ve got right now. Avoiding problems around the house and making them worse

In home and in life, avoiding problems won’t make them go away. So whether it’s talking about a conflict with your roommate or getting that garbage disposal fixed, take a deep breath, dive in, ask for help if you need it and get that uncomfortable task over and done with as quickly as possible. But if you’re not entertaining more because you don’t want to, don’t worry! But it’s not for everyone. Striving for your own personal ideals is fine as long as you leave room to be human every now and then — and remember to not beat yourself up or point out the negatives when guests come over. Futile. Putting everyone and everything’s needs before your own

It’s getting cliche to hear at this point, but it seems we all need reminding of it pretty often: Put your own oxygen mask on first, then everyone else’s. This is a hard-to-hear task, and parents will often just not be able to accomplish it. Feeling insecure about other people’s homes because you compare your style

Ahh Instagram. Thinking your home has to be finished to truly enjoy it

Spoiler alert: Your home’s probably never going to feel “finished.” Never completely, anyway, as homes tend to always be in a state of evolution. So get grateful for what you have more often. 3. Where home is enjoyable, recharging and peaceful? Losing any of those things (or needing to declutter them every now and then) will be painful and sometimes impossible. Sometimes you need to take care of you before you take care of the laundry. Get out of the house every now and then. 2. And one way you can work on this is by simply filling your daily schedule with you-things first, then filling around it. Then work on letting go of certain negative ideas this year, so you can be freer to enjoy your time at home more in 2015. Enjoy the seasons in your own way — as small as simple as it means to you. Don’t feel bad one bit if you just don’t have the skills or desire to DIY something. 9. For some people being a great guest is just as rewarding as being a great host. Cultivate a practice of loving everything you own — but not needing things. Next year, get into the habit of putting yourself first — before cleaning your house, getting the kids to school, before work. 8. 4. Feeling like you need to be more cheerful or seasonal than you are

We advocate decorating your home for the seasons — we think it makes the year going by much more noticeable and enjoyable. Because then people putting down your style will hurt a lot more. Remind yourself over and over that you’re only ever seeing the best angles of other homes — not the corners full of kid’s toys and clutter. 5. If it’s a place you love to be in and that inspires you, filling it with your friends is another way to add richness and beauty to a home you’ve worked so hard creating. See the first idea above about perfect homes. If you don’t have time, don’t feel bad about calling in reinforcements. But it’s worth putting energy in. Life gets in the way. And learn to ignore those things you don’t love that can’t be changed in order to focus in on the things you do love and make your home enjoyable. But it’s not just your friends’ houses that might be inspiring jealousy; soaking up ideas from designer or professional homes with budgets four times more than yours can go from inspiring to dejecting pretty quickly. 7. 1. But defining yourself by what you own — that can be a bummer.

Updated: 15.12.2014 — 09:41