The 6 Elements to an Irresistibly Inviting Seating Arrangement

Consider even pulling out board games and cards and placing them in the area, in case that inspires a guest (or you!) to suggest some activities. Look for a variety of seating choices like snugly sofas to more formal chairs to low stools and even lower floor cushions. 3. 4. Low, flattering lighting

People feel comfortable when they feel like they look good, so lower that light and add candles to flatter skin tones. You’ll see guests getting cozy and the conversation flowing in no time. Using other elements like storage, shelves and plants can further define a seating area (and make it feel a little enclosed, too). Different levels and types of seating

Different people prefer different seating types and heights, so it’s best to have an array of seating for guests to get comfortable in different ways. (Image credits: Nancy Mitchell; Tara Bellucci; Bethany Nauert) 5. Want your guests sinking into your living room furniture cushions to soak up each other’s delightful conversation instead of crowding in your kitchen or awkwardly standing around? Stuff to look at, touch and talk about

An interesting design element or art piece can draw guests into a seating arrangement and give them something to talk about, sparking conversation and keeping interest. Focus on your seating arrangements and add these six elements to make future entertaining in your home smooth, cozy and natural. They want it to feel like getting cozy is natural and easy to find. So keep that idea in mind as you arrange your seating arrangement in your living space, especially if you live in a small space.

Updated: 15.12.2014 — 11:41