5 Simple Pleasures You Should Make More Time For This Winter

This tip could also apply to the novels you’ve been meaning to get to or the stacks of magazine back issues that have been waiting for you to read them! 4. Celebrating the season with decor

No matter your religious affiliation, taking the time and spending the energy to transform your home for the season in little visual ways can be important. 5. Slipping into a fresh set of warm, clean sheets

It might take doing laundry more often, keeping a few extra sets of sheets around and yes, taking the time to either throw them in the dryer or warm them with a electric blanket, but nothing can really beat the feeling of slipping into a fresh set of warm, clean sheets, particularly in the winter when that cozy soft spot in your home taunts you all day! Making sure they’re in tip-top shape and that they’re in the right planter size they need. (I admit a few are still wrapped in plastic!). (Image credits: Sophie Timothy; Kim Lucian) Take the extra time to burrow under the covers or on the sofa in front of a warm fire or a nice space heater and just enjoy a few moments of warm, snugly quiet before braving the colder temperatures. Take some time to treat yourself this season! Paging through a few of those design books that stack up around the house

I’m pretty bad about collecting new design books throughout the year, stacking and arranging them artfully around my apartment, and never actually looking at them. You can check to see if any cold drafts are making plants too cold, and you can protect any outdoor potted plants from freezing temperatures. 3. Things as simple as seasonal bouquets instead of your regular flower picks, a wreath on the door or even just scents that remind you of the season can be used as little or as much as you want.

Updated: 15.12.2014 — 13:41