31 Absolutely Useful Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Best Way To Hold Car Remote

3. If You’re Traveling With Kids

23. Keep An Emergency Kit in Your Trunk

24. If You Rent A Car, Take Pictures Of It

21. Well here is a collection of essential and really creative hacks for car drivers to convert bad times into good! Use A Shower Caddy

Source:   The Wondrous How To Keep Cool Steering On A Hot Day

16. Use The Floor-mats

How long you drive in a day, week or month? Understanding The Exit Signs

30. If A Truck Suddenly Slows Down

19. How To Cool A Car In Seconds

9. Keep Your Car Fresh With Dryer Sheets

25. Hack About Understanding The Gas Tank

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1. Take Advantage Of Free Air

27. How To Cool Down A Car Without A C

10. How To Position Mirrors

17. How To Fix Scratches

12. How To Get Out From Traffic Jam

13. Drop A Pin

6. How To Get Rid Of Road Sick

14. Phone Holder Hack

26. Trash can Hack

29. Bring A Bed With You


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