Best Way To Hold Car Remote

3. If You’re Traveling With Kids

23. Keep An Emergency Kit in Your Trunk

24. If You Rent A Car, Take Pictures Of It

21. Well here is a collection of essential and really creative hacks for car drivers to convert bad times into good! Use A Shower Caddy

Source:   The Wondrous How To Keep Cool Steering On A Hot Day

16. Use The Floor-mats

How long you drive in a day, week or month? Understanding The Exit Signs

30. If A Truck Suddenly Slows Down

19. How To Cool A Car In Seconds

9. Keep Your Car Fresh With Dryer Sheets

25. Hack About Understanding The Gas Tank

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1. Take Advantage Of Free Air

27. How To Cool Down A Car Without A C

10. How To Position Mirrors

17. How To Fix Scratches

12. How To Get Out From Traffic Jam

13. Drop A Pin

6. How To Get Rid Of Road Sick

14. Phone Holder Hack

26. Trash can Hack

29. Bring A Bed With You


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