Here are 18 very clear and succinct diagrams showing you how to tie various necktie knots for work and casual wear. Cafe Knot
16. Christensen Knot

Source:   Reword The Knots listed are:
1. Kelvin Knot

7. Bow-Tie Knot

6. Grantchester Knot

14. Four-In-Hand Knot

2. Plattsburgh Knot

13. Half Windsor Knot

3. Eldredge Knot

17. Balthus Knot

11. Posted By MMK on Dec 14, 2014 | comments

Most men use one tie knot their entire lives. Nicky Knot

5. Full Windsor Knot

4. Well, I think that’s a bunch of BS! Victoria Knot

15. Oriental Knot


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