50 Four “4” Bedroom Apartment/House Plans

13 |   Visualizer: 3dm Digital

14 |   Source: Ajmera Realty

15 |   Source: Media Contact
This four bedroom layout from Media Contact gives each occupant a good deal of privacy. 16 |   Source: RMZ

17 |   Source: Saran Developers
When it comes to four bedroom floorplans, including uses for outdoor space is essential. 22 |   Source: DLF

23 |   Visualizer: Budde Design
This four bedroom house manages to make room four two cars, four bedrooms, and separate study. 24 |   Visualizer: Budde Design

25 |   Visualizer: Budde Design

26 |   Source: Ansal Housing
This luxury four bedroom from Ansal Housing includes four regular bedroom and a servant’s quarters. Keep reading to get more ideas for your home or apartment space. With plenty of square footage to include master bedrooms, formal dining rooms, and outdoor spaces, it may even be the ideal size. 43 |   Source: Firstsite Apartments

44 |   Source: Amrapali Builders

45 |   Visualizer: Shako Gurgenidze

46 |   Visualizer: Shake Gurgenidze
Visualizer Shake Gurgenidze does a wonderful job of making four bedroom layouts seem playful and brights. 47 |   Visualizer: Manobal

48 |   Source: Brahma

49 |   Source: Magic Bricks

50 |   Source: Green Blossoms

Source:   Home Designing   Fancy that. 9 |   Source: ATS

10 |   Source: ATS

11 |   Source: DNA Realtors
This home plan from DNA Realtors makes good use of every square inch, managing to include three separate balconies along with three large bedrooms and a smaller guest bedroom. 35 |   Source: Microtek Infra

36 |
At only 1950 square feet, this four bedroom apartment can still comfortable fir a small family or a few roommates with room to spare. 20 |   Source: Morpheus Group

21 |   Visualizer: Budde Design
It is easy to see where the passions of this home’s potential occupants would need to lie. The layout still includes four bedrooms, a private balcony, a dining area and even a breakfast nook. 37 |   Source: Assotech

38 |   Source: Incore Residential

39 |   Source: SunChase

40 |   Via: Common Floor

41 |   Source: Livia Spaces

42 |   Source: VTSRealty
With splashes of color and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, the VTSRealty four bedroom could be ideal for a growing family. Posted By MMK on Dec 14, 2014 | comments

After having covered 50 floor plans each of studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom   apartments, we move on to bigger options. 18 |   Source: Maple Woods

19 |   Source: Spaze
Plenty of windows and reflective surfaces give this four-bedroom apartment a much bigger feel. 27 |   Via: Common Floor

28 |   Source: Kamp Developers

29 |   Source: Blue Square

30 |   Source: DLF
Another spacious option from DLF that includes a master bedroom, children’s bedroom and a servant’s bedroom with separate entrance. The basic color choices, largely whites and grays, make it much easier to get a sense of the actual space and room available. The visualizations here range from the modern and chic to the suburban and cozy. 5 |   Source: Privie World

6 |   Source: Privie World
Making use of a spacious living area, this four bedroom layout, also from Privie World, turns one living room into two by tucking a sectional into one corner and creating a cozy, Asian-inspired conversation nook in the other. An amazing use of space. 1 |   Source: Pridge Group

2 | Source: Estado Properties
This urban home from Estado Properties has plenty of gorgeous details to love including an interesting variety of flooring options, a huge gourmet kitchen and a cozy private patio.

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