5 Last Minute Gift Ideas (That Don’t Suck)

4. It happens to the best of us: We accept a last-minute invite and need to pick up a thoughtful hostess gift; We put off our online shopping until shipping deadlines are passed and we dread facing the lines at the mall; or we just accidentally left a name off the list. Gift a little “me time.” You can purchase a gift certificate for a cleaning service like Home Joy, perfect after the whirlwind of the holidays or if your recipient has kids you can pick up the tab for their regular sitter (or volunteer to sit yourself) and give them a night out. This one does require a trip to the store but can be easily assembled at your local Target. 3. Purchase a Printable. Gift a subscription. 1. DIY a gift basket. For a cook, you might pick up some nice spices and jams then add in tea towels, a cookbook and a pretty cheese board or some wooden utensils. 2. A “spa basket” might include a scented candle, some bath salts, a magazine or coffee table book, tea or chocolate and nail polish. If you prefer something hands on, check out Workshop SF or The Makery. Consider your recipient, get creative and pick items of good quality with great packaging. Monthly boxes are a great option, Birchbox for beauty samples and grooming goods, Kiwicrate for craft kits for kids and The Hatchery for recipes and artisan ingredients. No problem, here are our five suggestions to save face, minus mall lines and generic gift cards. Etsy is your best bet, you can find recipe cards, calendars, artwork and more, and you can also print up your own cards, gift tags even wrapping paper.

Updated: 16.12.2014 — 04:04