Victorian Punk, Ornate Scandinavian and Other Style Juxtapositions: Finding Balance in Different Styles

Most of the home is light and minimal, but in the entryway, we can get a glimpse of the bedroom, which has a wall covered in a dark and ornate paper. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected mixtures that can offer the most interesting fashion and interiors, so here are some general ideas about how to achieve a balanced look out of composite styles. (Image credits: Where Did U Get That; My Scandinavian Home; Nick Wooster; Of All the Fish in the Sea; A Spoonful of Style) Relaxed Elegance

Jade from A Spoonful of Style shows how different levels of formality can help a style feel more relaxed. Impeccably tailored fashion and characteristically “feminine” colors mix with a sleeve of tattoos, a look that is usually associated with a more casual, rougher, masculine style. Whether you’re putting together an outfit or decorating a room, think about mixing different materials to create more visual impact. Victorian Punk

Karen from Where Did U Get That mixes a lace and Swiss dot dress with a studded black leather jacket. Bohemian Classic

This living room shot from Of All the Fish in the Sea successfully mixes traditional, tailored, and classic elements like the Parsons chair, the greyhound pillow, and the black and white photography with more bohemian elements like pottery, worn rugs, and a hide. Ornate Scandinavian

This Swedish interior, found via My Scandinavian Home gives just a glimpse of juxtaposition, but it’s perhaps all the more powerful for its subtlety. This example shows that the usual gendered rules of design can be easily and effectively broken, and it also shows the power of mixing excellent tailoring with unexpected, more casual elements. While it’s common to have a dominant style that you find appealing, very few people have just one aesthetic that they find pleasing. Tailored Roughness

I love all the unexpected combinations in this detail shot, found via Nick Wooster. Sometimes a small dose of an opposite style can be extremely effective.

Updated: 16.12.2014 — 16:04