21 Products That Will Let Everyone Know You’ve Made It In Life

Always. 16. 8. Modular Bookshelf Furniture


Because if your chair doesn’t have space for books, it’s space wasted. 17. A Sleeping Bag Suit. A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

To save you and your feline pal some dignity. 19. 15. 6. Don’t ask questions. A Guitar Doorbell

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall. 10. 1. A Hot Tub Boat

Hey I heard you like water so I put some water in your water. A Bathtub Planetarium

Why should space get to have all the celestial fun. 9. Srsly Roomba YOU GOT NOTHING. A Self-Stirring Chocolate Milk Mug

Only PEASANTS mix their own Nesquik. A “Luminous Sky Portal”. 20. 3. A Wineglass That Holds An Entire Bottle-Ful. A submarine Sports Car

$2,000,000 is nothing when you’re married to the sea. 21. 12. A Personal Pie Maker

Although I guess really every pie is a personal pie if you ~believe~. 14. 4. A 3D Latte Art Maker

Boop boop beep boop. Be. The World’s Largest Puzzle

Send your enemies a-scattering with this 32,256 piece monstrosity. 13. A Hands-Free Wine Glass Holder

To make buffet hopping a drunken breeze.

Updated: 16.12.2014 — 06:05