Halifax library by Schmidt Hammer Lassen comprises four stacked blocks

Third party commissioning: FC O’Neill Scriven Assoc. A quiet reading room featuring large suspended circular lights is situated in the cantilevered section of the top floor. A   large skylight allows natural light to filter down through the building’s various levels. The library is designed as a cultural hub. Ltd. Landscape architect: Gordon Ratcliffe Landscape Architect
Interior: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Fowler Bauld Mitchell
Public consultation: Myrgan Inc. The top storey also accommodates a cafe with a balcony   terrace. “The historical axis between the Halifax Citadel and the Halifax Harbour, crossing right through the library site, is reflected in the orientation of the top   floor of the building containing the Halifax Living Room, hereby providing not only a unique view but also an understanding of the city’s historical heritage,” he said. The curtain wall of the third volume in the stack features an orange frit that is intended to complement the tone of nearby brick buildings. As well as a reception desk, this   atrium contains a reading area with   bookcases displaying a selection of bestsellers. Here, full-height glazing provides views across the city towards the nearby harbour. Photography is by Adam Mørk. Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects stacked up cuboid   volumes with different dimensions and cladding finishes to create this library in Halifax, Canada (+ slideshow). A terrace connects the space with an   auditorium at the opposite end of the building. Wind snow environmental: Theakston Environmental Consulting Engineers
Theatre design: Theatre Consulting Group Ltd. Danish firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects collaborated with local office Fowler Bauld Mitchell on the design for the Halifax Central Library   after winning   a 2010 international competition for the redevelopment of the city centre site. Curtain wall: BVDA Façade Engineering Ltd. Project credits:
Architect team: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects (design architect), Fowler Bauld Mitchell (prime consultant architect)
Structural engineers: SNC Lavalin Inc., Ove Arup (Concept Design)
Mechanical engineers: CBCL Limited, Ove Arup (Concept Design)
Electrical engineers: CBCL Limited, Ove Arup (Concept Design)
Civil engineers: SNC Lavalin Inc. Sustainability: Solterre Design
Acoustics: Swallow Acoustic Consultants Ltd.,
Building code: RJ Bartlett Engineering Ltd. The library’s main collection is located on the second and third floors, alongside adult learning and additional reading rooms.

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