Brilliant Brick Creations: 13 Amazing LEGO Gadgets & Artworks

These 13 incredible creations test the limits of the little plastic bricks, proving that there’s no reason to put them aside as ‘toys’ when we   reach adulthood. Comment on Facebook Realizing the turtle had a disability that made it hard for him to carry his own weight, Plischke fashioned an adorable little wheelchair out of parts from his son’s Lego collection. Wheelchair for a Disabled Tortoise

Poor little ‘Blade’ wasn’t managing to get around very well on his own, so his human companion brought him in to local veterinarian Carsten Plischke. Air conditioning controls the temperature and we domesticate animals so they can live with us.”
“Our control over nature (or lack there of) is central to this body of work. LEGO Prosthetic Arm

This fully-functional prosthetic limb by student Max Shepherd is made entirely from LEGO and can replicate a full range of human movements including an extending elbow, flexing movements in the wrist, rotation of the thumb and opening and closing of the fingers. The prosthetic is mounted to a ‘skeletal’ base containing all of the wires needed to power it, so we don’t get to actually see it in action on a real live person, but it’s a pretty interesting concept. Lego and Ikea furniture are very similar in a sense: they are both objects of aspiration that require assembly… both products represent destruction and re-construction, which are concerns we revisit continually within our practice.”
Working LEGO Gadgets

Officially released by LEGO themselves after a collaboration with a company that specializes in children’s tech products, this fun range of gadgets includes working electronic items like walkie talkies, boom boxes, alarm clocks, cameras and even an MP3 player. Brilliant Brick Creations: 13 Amazing LEGO Gadgets Artworks

LEGOs can form the basis of all sorts of amazing things, but would you ever have imagined they could create working prosthetics, mechanical looms, drivable hot-rods and even full-sized houses? “As humans we are ever adapting and manipulating our environment to cope with the elements and creatures that share our spaces. LEGO x IKEA: Furniture Animals

Here’s the LEGO and Ikea mashup you never knew you needed: building block animals interwoven with inexpensive Swedish furniture.

Updated: 16.12.2014 — 20:25