Dunfermline Museum & Art Gallery moves on site

Local people have been aware of and interested in the plans for quite some time and I’m sure they’ll be pleased at this important milestone being met. “The level of detail we’ve gone into during the planning stage should allow us to deliver a showpiece building on time and budget.” “The facility will bring an impressive new focal point to the Heritage Quarter and wider town centre. | Send to friend

December 16 2014

Work to build Dunfermline’s new £6.8m museum and art gallery has begun as contractors move on site to deliver the Richard Murphy Architects designed facility. In future it will be an important contributor towards the economic growth of Dunfermline’s town centre.”
Doug Keillor, regional director for BAM Construction added: “Designing and planning a modern building to tie into adjoining existing listed structures is not easy and our team of managers and designers have worked closely with the Council to make sure that everything has been thought through and our Client is getting exactly what they want and need.

Updated: 17.12.2014 — 04:28