DGAF Decorating: 10 House Tours That Brilliantly Break the Rules

Rule Breaker: Jaclyn’s Cozy Kitschy Silver Lake HomeNew Take: Dark colors can add a lot of interest. Rule Breaker: Oscar’s Well-Preserved DC RowhouseNew Take: If you have wall space, use it. Rule Breaker: Susan’s Colorful Cabinet of CuriositiesNew Take: Store books everywhere. Rule Breaker: Desanka’s Visionary Lux Lodge
New Take: Using two or more rugs lets you separate a small space into zones, letting you get away with less furniture. (Image credits: Bridget Pizzo; Nicole Crowder; Polly; David Dines; Bethany Nauert; Mike Hetu; Simone Duckworth; Kathryn Bacalis; Tamara Gavin; Kim Lucian) But above all else, hopefully you find a little bravado to do something crazy. You might hate them, you might love them. Rule Breaker: Polly’s Moody BluesNew Take: Contrasting colors will define separate spaces, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Rule: Clutter is the enemy of a tidy home. Rule Breaker: Jasper’s Bold Beachy AbodeNew Take: You don’t have to be a kid to get away with mixing patterns. They don’t even need to be chairs. Rule: Too many patterns overwhelm a room. Deciding you want to shun the status quo is the easy part. (Do you miss the missing coffee table?)

Rule: Hang art at eye level. Rule Breaker: Erin’s Layered Bohemian LoftNew Take: Um, no. when it’s deliberate, and everything else is organized. Rule Breaker: Rebecca and George’s Hilltop HomesteadNew Take: If you love it, a great chair will never look out of place. Rule Breaker: Autumn and Justin’s Sleek Yet Rustic RanchNew Take: Diagonals always add interest. Rule: Use a single rug to anchor the room. Rule: Dark colors make a room feel smaller. Rule: Dining room chairs need to match. Rule: Store books in tidy rows on a bookshelf.

Updated: 17.12.2014 — 20:28