How To Clean A Wool Blanket With Snow — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

Shake as much excess snow off the blanket as you possibly can before hanging it over a railing or clothesline. Leave it to hang for 20-30 minutes to allow the snow to sublimate. Shake the blanket well, releasing any dust or loose dirt. For best results try this in freshly fallen, dry, powdery snow. More great tips and tutorials: Cleaning Basics

(Image credits: Ashley Poskin) Wool blankets are one of the most coveted finds at flea markets these days. They are practical, durable, and fashionable. 5. 3. Lay the blanket in 3″ to 5″ of snow, giving yourself a large area to work in. Hang outside and let acclimate to the temperature for at least a half hour. 4. Instructions

1. And we’ve found a great way to clean them that costs only your time —and maybe your comfort if you don’t have a big warm winter coat. With the broom, flip a good amount of snow across the entire surface. I love this method because it’s free, and just about as natural as you can get when it comes to cleaning products. Science is magic. The snow will go from its solid phase to vapor without actually getting the blanket wet.

Updated: 18.12.2014 — 06:49