The Property Brothers at Home in Las Vegas

I had to laugh because one of the top searches on my blog each week is “Property Brothers gay?” No idea why Google sends people here for the answer because — until I read that article, anyway — I had no idea. The nature of all ‘reality’ TV is highly contrived   —   ‘real life’ is often just too boring. Ha. You can also watch their interview with Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today. Has Rehab Addict Been Canceled? If You’re Hooked on HGTV:
Why Does HGTV Play the Same Shows Over and Over? Get Your “House Fix” with My Weekly Newsletter: They recently gave a fun interview to the Daily Beast   and said the biggest misconception about them is that they’re gay (nope). It was built in 2008. Drew followed two years later. They cast people who have access to both the old home and the new property simultaneously. Furthermore, often times listing prices are altered for the audience from the agent’s actual listing price.” Interesting! For The Unsellables we even find the alternative homes, the agents don’t do anything, they just connect us with the buyers and we feature them as a thanks. I think I missed where they explained why they didn’t just re-stain the original wood. The kitchen had a lot of granite — even on the backsplash — which they left as-is. The other question they hear a lot: “Are they single?” Answer: Jonathan is, but Drew has a girlfriend (sorry, Ladies). I love getting the behind-the-scenes scoop about these shows. The game room has a custom wet bar, Brunswick billiards table, and   an old-school upright arcade console loaded with 60 classic games. It was just boring.” To give you an idea of what they had to start with, here’s how the living room looked before:

Jonathan designed a   walnut shelving unit on the two-story wall to   showcase mementos from their world travels   and tiled   “a herringbone pattern” around the fireplace:

They replaced   three windows with   a collapsible glass   wall that opens to the backyard: “We just open the accordion wall, and the living room and pool area become one enormous entertaining space.”

They spent 5 months turning it into a place where their family could gather for holidays and vacations.   P.S. It’s true that some episodes don’t end with a purchase but there are other episodes where a selection/purchase is implied but in actuality never takes place. ET). Jonathan says,   “It’s   a nice house. According to an article in the Las Vegas Review, Jonathan moved to Las Vegas seven years ago to renovate foreclosures and further his secondary career as a magician. Tagged as:
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Are You Hooked on Houses? Harry could at least   pass as their fourth brother, don’t you think? They bought this house together in 2011 but   were working and traveling too much to do anything with it before   now. He also   explained:
“On Property Brothers the home has already been purchased in advance. Here’s a look at how it turned out. What It Was Like to Be on   House Hunters
What Happened to Ahmed Hassan on   Yard Crashers? I don’t think that should surprise anyone out there at this point, but just in case you didn’t know — it’s all about entertainment, folks. Tonight’s episode will show the two-bedroom guest house they built for their parents in the backyard (9 p.m.

Updated: 18.12.2014 — 02:50