Do perfectionists make good web designers?

And these qualities are certainly necessary. Like this? We need to know when to pick fights and when to compromise – I’d be more willing to   bump up the logo size for a client than settle for low-contrast text or a   massive page weight. Read these! Yet conversely, we   set high standards   capable of elevating entire   projects. “Of course it can mean being enviably disciplined, methodical, focused, practiced and polished. Nitpicking. But it can also be selfish and paralysing, resulting in not wanting to show anyone anything, or to attempt anything new, because the first effort is never good enough. Learning when to say, ‘It’s good enough’ and telling your inner perfectionist to live with it; that’s a hard skill to master. The designer’s guide to working from home
The best collage maker tools – and most are free! “Perfectionists also   tend to lack team spirit – and to craft something truly   great, you need a team. The dark side is that you may exhaust yourself trying   to reach the impossible. “To achieve the latter, a perfectionist personality is imperative. More important than perfectionism is   the ability to recognise when to chase an ideal and when to let it go.”
Spanning a spectrum
Trent WaltonTrent Walton, Founder of Paravel comments: “Because perfectionism comes in a spectrum, I’d say that it depends. Being overly critical or aggressive. Either way,   one thing is for sure: we   care more than most people. There are a great many ‘perfect’ designs that fail to delight or engage. Judging. In the fast-paced world of technological innovation it’s far too easy to fall victim to the drive to be first-to-market and sacrifice being best-to-market. Here are their differing opinions… Beautiful yet sometimes ugly  
Cassie McDanielCassie McDaniel, UX lead for Mozilla Webmaker says: “While perfectionism often results in something beautiful, there is usually an ugly process to go through first. Perfections can however be disruptive, hard to manage and draining. At   AnalogFolk we include a ‘touch phase’ in our timelines dedicated to this refinement.”
Be aware of the dark side  
Cyril LouisCreative director at Razorfish, Cyril Louis says: “As a designer or developer perfectionism is a strength as   well a flaw. Nobody should ever turn in work what’s half done and unpolished. “Extreme perfectionism and stubbornness can make us just as difficult to work with as the clients we ‘love to hate’. Prioritising your own perspective over another’s. “Valuing little details over the wider picture. Perfectionists   can inspire others to do better.”
This article was first published in issue 258 of net magazine. ‘This is fun! The myth of the perfectionist – driven, relentless, unwavering – pervades the creative world. “What do people say when they use something you’ve designed? “Unless you’re working on a personal project, you need to know when to give a little.

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