5 lessons fast-moving consumer goods can teach us about branding

Brands need to innovate to keep up with changing consumer lifestyles and stand out from the crowd. 03. When Sony launched their W Walkman they threw out the rulebook and created a strategy that uniquely brought the idea to life. They were aware that people only used body lotion occasionally either because there is not enough time in the morning or that they simply didn’t like the feeling of a normal body lotion. 05. Successful innovation should drive brand value, be meaningful and relevant. Graze.com achieved this and created a new phenomenon in snacking, which delivered against the trends for health, freshness, convenience and customisation. To showcase the waterproof qualities, the products were put in full water bottles in gym and pool vending machines in New Zealand creating a product display, distribution channel and talking point. How to innovate through to point of sale
Developing an innovative product is one thing, but making sure it really stands out and attracts attention is another. Nivea, thankfully looked at it from the consumer’s point of view to revolutionise the body care routine. 04. Every now and again a brand manages to tap into multiple trends to really deliver something new. How to build brand value
Too much innovation is created for the sake of it, merely because the technology or product format is available. How to meet an unmet need
Nivea looked at things from the consumer’s point of viewLife is busy, yet the beauty industry generally insists on adding more steps into the daily routine rather than making it easier. One to watch in haircare, its most recent launch is the first ‘upright non-slip water-loving detangling hair brush’. A massive success, the product is now sold in more than 65 countries and at a rate of 10 per minute and was awarded CoolBrands status this year. How to succeed where others fail
Tangle Teezer is now sold in more than 65 countriesInvented by former hair colourist, Shaun P, manufactured and made in the UK, Tangle Teezer is referred to as the ‘life changing’ hairbrush created to achieve what others have failed… to successfully detangle hair. Through the brand story of ‘Joy’, they’ve developed products to target different audiences with more exciting ideas, especially through Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations and Marvellous Mix-Ups ranges (a collision of sweets and chocolate to create a new confectionary experience), all the while staying true to the brand. How to tap into multiple trends
Graze tapped into multiple trends to really deliver something newConsumer lifestyles are constantly evolving and brands that are truly innovative stay one step ahead by tapping into trends and creating solutions accordingly. Rather than put a rational claim about being waterproof on the pack (which many brands would have done), they created an innovative point of sale that would create buzz about the brand. When done well, innovation can prove hugely successful in building brands, but it has its risk with research suggesting between 70-90 per cent of innovation fails in the first year of launch. However, often too much innovation is launched simply because it can be produced and it therefore often lacks relevance to the consumer and impact at shelf.

Updated: 20.12.2014 — 11:07