Dressing A Holiday Table

2. Here are a few simple ways to keep the fa la las flowing and your festive decor from feeling too stiff. 3. If your runner isn’t long enough for the expanded table or you just want to add more texture and pattern, layering your table linens adds charm and makes use of linens you may not have thought to use for the holidays. Middle of the table centerpieces have definitely had their moment, so this season switch out a singular arrangement for a looser assortment of varied candlesticks. Settling on a few main colours helps to keep this look cohesive. When holiday tables are set to the nines, the overall look can seem a bit uptight. Try different water goblets, wine glasses, starter plates and entrée plates. Layer your linens. Hosting your own seasonal soirée doesn’t have to be a grand affair to leave a good impression on guests. Play with colour and pattern to give your table some life — stark white can feel too formal for the holidays unless accompanied by colourful accessories. Spreading multiple mini-vessels with cut flowers or stemmed foliage around the table works well, too.

Updated: 20.12.2014 — 09:17