Urban Jungle: 10 Rooms with Lots and Lots of Plants

A designer’s home spotted on The Secret Garden. But these spaces take it to the next level with a veritable jungle of greenery. Plants soften up a loft-life space from our 2012 Small Cool Contest. Copious greenery in Susan’s Adventure for the Senses. From Fantastic Frank. Read on for nine more examples of beautiful rooms so chock full of plants, you might almost feel like you’re outside. Lots of hanging platns in a sunny kitchen from Casa. Plants galore in a delciously textured space from The Selby. Above: A myraid of greenery in a living room styled by Emily Henderson. Houseplants are currently enjoying a bit of a moment, with fiddle leaf figs and succulents and mother-in-law’s tongues turning up in rooms all over. Dangling houseplants lend a funky, jungley vibe to a Swedish home from Freunde von Freunden.

Updated: 20.12.2014 — 05:17