12 Magical Ice And Snow Formations That Are Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real!

1. Frozen Leaf
9. Frozen Bubble
A Washington mom tried blowing bubbles with her 7-year-old son in freezing temperatures, and the results were pure magic! Frozen Lighthouse

7. Rabbit Frost
Also known as a frost flower, these form on plants during freezing nights as the moisture travels up through the plant. Frozen Berries

10. But   when it happens, snow   can form into a dazzlingly beautiful piece of artwork created   by Mother Nature herself! 4. Frozen Cobweb

11. Frozen Bubbles Suspended Below Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada
These bubbles form when methane gas released by decomposed vegetation at the bottom of the lake freeze. Thanks to Earth Porm for many of these stunning finds and facts. No one snowflake is exactly the same nor are any of these unique, naturally-formed ice and snow formations! 5. Frozen Pond

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‘This the season to be jolly, and hopefully you’ll get to experience a white Christmas this year (unless you live down South, where you’ll have a very sandy Christmas), whether that means ice, snow, or a combination of both. 3. Source:   Little Things Whether ice forms on berries, flowers, buildings, or even perfect circles of ice bubbles, it’s always a treat to step outside and witness the magic of how snow takes   shape on various objects. Frozen Apple Blossoms

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