Poulsom Middlehurst adds copper-clad extension to east London attic flat

“Large windows, glass balustrades and roof lights give the space an airy and lofty feel, providing numerous new vistas and views to the surrounding trees and sky,”   said the architects. The new   staircase features   L-shaped wooden treads. It is lit by tall windows, skylights and a series of small rectilinear   light fittings   that   project light upwards and downwards. It   creates an   extra bedroom and bathroom on the upper level, while a new staircase provides better access to an existing roof terrace. “The colour has already changed to deep orange and will eventually become green to match the surrounding trees.”

Inside, the south-east London architects removed a cumbersome chimney breast to maximise the limited floor plan, and added large windows and skylights to bring more light into the various rooms. From here, the staircase continues up to the master bedroom and bathroom. The extension   takes the form of a large dormer – a structure that projects horizontally out from   a   roof. “The exterior copper cladding will change colour as it is weathered over time,” said the architects. The floors are covered   in   small   hexagonal tiles   with white grouting, while walls have white rectangular tiles with dark grouting. Large expanses of mirror in the lower and upper floor bathrooms reflect the light from clerestory windows and skylights. “An enlarged fixed window opens up impressive views from the bathroom and landing to the trees at the rear of the house,” said the team. A wide glass door leads off a midpoint landing to the roof terrace, where a large skylight for the   kitchen is set into grey slate paving. “A new stair acts as a spine, which knits together the new and old aspects of the property to create a single, coherent set of spaces,” added   the architects.

Updated: 20.12.2014 — 23:46