What DIY Lessons Have You Learned the Hard Way This Year?

It took me a really, really long time to finally hang those curtains, and the end result is uneven (don’t anyone dare mention it). I used the wrong kind of tool to (try to) cut that wire, creating an end so frayed it was impossible to insert into the hardware hole. I also forgot to put the hardware cover back over the screws before everything got into place. Going into the project with a lot of ego was my first big mistake. (Image credits: Adrienne Breaux) What scars (small or noticeable) does your home sport from tough DIY lessons you’ve learned this year? What challenges threatened your projects, yet you persevered? I learned a small but hard DIY lesson when I moved into my apartment earlier this year. And I was justified in my casual approach up until the very last moment, when I had to cut the hanging wire to the correct length and insert it back into the hardware hole. What lessons have you learned the hard way, when it comes to DIY projects this year? And, because I had already cut it into the length I wanted, there wasn’t any real wiggle room for re-cutting it.

Updated: 21.12.2014 — 05:51