Purposeful Prints: 20 Reminders to Move Mountains

When you need a reminder to climb every mountain? Mountain by Susanna Nousiainen from Etsy, $14.56
9. 1ST ROW
1. Dreams to be reached. Mountain by Clare Nicolson from Society6, $16
5. Mmmmountain Print by Justin Richel from Little Paper Planes, $30

6. Where do you go for inspiration when the going gets tough? Goodbye Mountain by Matthew Korbel-Bowers from Society6, $18
15. Mountain range by Cassia Beck from Society6, $20.80
7. Mountain Pattern by Anita Ivancenko from Society6, $16

(Image credits: As linked above.) Goals to be met. Mountain Print by Milk and Paper from Etsy, $14
2. Mountain by Micah Sager from Society6, $17.99
4. Life rarely disappoints: In a year you’re bound to run into any number of road blocks that need to be overcome. Mint and Coral Mountains by MelindaWoodDesigns from Etsy, $5

Updated: 21.12.2014 — 09:51