Before & After: A Former Dumping Ground Turned Inviting Guest Room

After some new paint on the walls, rearranging furniture, and a few key pieces, the space now feels like a cozy and inviting guest room. Amanda had a tiny extra room that wasn’t much more than a dumping ground for “old clothes, holiday decorations, paperwork, and hockey gear,” becoming pretty unusable. SEE MORE BEFORE AFTER PROJECTS

(Image credits: Amanda Risius) Thank you Amanda! The room is small, so it quickly became a crowded and disorganized mess because it was not “big enough” to function as a real space. But with a guest visit on the horizon, she gave herself the challenge of transforming it into a room a guest could enjoy staying in! Before, the room was a dumping ground for old clothes, holiday decorations, paperwork, and hockey gear. See more photos of this transformation and all that Amanda did to transform it on her blog. To brighten the room and add some life, I brought in color with the pillows and ottomans from Target.

Updated: 21.12.2014 — 15:51