21 Beautifully Festive Christmas Centerpieces You Can Easily DIY

Remember, you don’t want too much height I the middle of the table, so if they look like they’ll be in the way just cut them down to size and use short candle holders. Glitter Vases
You must have seen these types of ccandle holdersin stores, but you can actually make them yourself with any plain vases or glasses. If you’re having your family over, for example, some photos of your previous Christmases together could really turn up the nostalgia. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   HGTV
11. With the help of a printable template, you, too can have these beautiful, glittery reindeer and trees. Yep, it’s that simple! DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   MadiganMade
3. The bonus about this one is that it can be tall if you want, since it doesn’t really obstruct your views of the dinner guests sitting opposite each other. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   MarthaStewartWeddings
6. Then it’s up to you to fill the glasses with candles, flowers, dyed water…. If you don’t have fake snow, you can simply use white or silver spray paint for pretty much the same effect. You could even add a little spray of white spray pain on the pinecones to give them that snow-kissed look. Floating Apples
For a modern and minimalist table setting, this floating candle and cranberry combination is absolutely perfect. Luckily there’s room here for your own creative flair. As they say, variety is the spice of life! Oh, and did we mention that it won’t even take more than 15 minutes to make? DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   DIYNetwork
20. Whatever! A few upside-down wine glasses, ball ornaments and candles. This charming centerpiece makes for a great focal point, and you can simply pick out some of your own favorite ornaments to dangle from your handmade frame which you can even paint to match your table settings. 1. You can play around with this idea to display anything in your makeshift glass dome. The lampshade template, making it super easy, and from there you can decorate them as you wish, or keep them neutral. Simple Candle Box
I   love the simplicity of this centerpiece; it’s rustic yet elegant, and rather easy to make – even the box itself! Apply it to vases, bowls or candlesticks to create a dazzling centerpiece. Ornament Vases

This is so easy and cheap it’s almost criminal; and it’s just so damn Christmassy! Mercury Glass
Mercury glass looks so incredibly elegant thanks to its vintage style. All you need is some cardstock, glue and a variety of sequins to dress up your dinner table. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   TheIdeaRoom
4. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   CountryLiving
15. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   AsLongAsIt’sFancy
14. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   CherylStyle
Source:   DIY Crafts Hanging Ornament Display
I   really love the uniqueness of this display; it takes a little bit of labor, but nothing too hectic! Christmas Scene
You can create some adorable scenes in mason jars of varying sizes to scatter across the table; you don’t really need to buy that many supplies because you can really create whatever you want – a bit of fake snow will make any compilation look festive. Simply recycle your old ball ornaments (they’ve run their course, anyway) and use them as mini vases. Layered Centerpiece
I   love this one because it is just so classic; the grapevine wreath, red berries, evergreen greenery and pinecones are what a traditional Christmas is all about. You almost don’t even need to add flowers because the vase stands on its own. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   PopSugar

19. I’ve rounded up some fantastic ideas and tutorials that, in general, won’t take too long to make. We think a whole line all the way down the table would look amazing. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   TheApronBlog
5. And once you’re festive and delicious dinner is over, you’ll be surprised at all the other options and ideas you’ll have for your handmade box. Sequined Christmas Trees

These little trees are so cute and fun, and so easy and affordable to make. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   MarthaStewart
10. Now, we realize that we’ve warned you about anything standing too tall in the middle of your table, and we also realize that by definition, a centerpiece should sit in the center of your table… But this one is just too awesome to pass up, so I’d suggest putting on the side if one of the ends of the table is unoccupied. Pinecone Display
Here’s another one that keeps with the traditional theme and only requires a few minutes of your precious time. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   Shanty2Chic
16. DIY Instructions and Project Credit –   MammaPaperaIt
2. You can use one large low bowl or, if your table isn’t quite big enough, a selection of smaller, different sized bowls will look just as good. Topiary Trees
Bust out some wine glasses and champagne flutes for one our easiest table decorations; all you have to do it cut our cone shapes from some pretty scrapbooking paper and rest them on the glasses for these adorable modern topiary trees.

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