On the Move: The Year’s Best Advice for Road Trips & Travel — Best of 2014

No matter if you’re hitting the road to go visit family for a holiday or in the skies heading towards your dream getaway, the getting there part isn’t always that pleasant. (Image credits: Rachel Brett’s “Resourcefully Chic” Family Home; Perig/Shutterstock; Nancy Mitchell / Sofia’s Rooftop View Over Paris ; Adrienne Breaux; Shutterstock; Dabney Frake) (Plus Three to Put on Your List)

Take it with you (or bring back)
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Before you leave
7 Smart, Safe Money-Saving Things To Do Before Leaving on Vacation

When you get home
Do These 3 Things the First 5 Minutes Home After a Trip
The Truths Returning from Vacation Reveals About Your Home

Rules of the road
Holiday Sanity Saver: Set a “No-Driving Day”
5 Tips for a Better Roadtrip

Save money
10 Smart Money Tips for International Travel
When To Book Holiday Travel
Get more Z’s when you travel
How to Sleep Better…When You’re Away From Home
When you can’t get away
How to Be a Tourist in Your Own City: 8 Fun, Affordable Ideas

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