What people forget about being creative

I’ll show some projects we’ve been working on lately at Firstborn and talk a little about their journey from idea to execution. And we created a virtual reality experience using the Oculus Rift for Mountain Dew. Websites, mobile, digital platforms, or kiosks — we’re focusing more on the UX. During these roles, he established Firstborn’s award-winning 3D animation department, and his talents have led to the successful production of high-profile projects for clients such as Wrigley’s, Aflac, Sony, L’Oréal, UNIQLO and Pepsi. It’s good to be exposed to these alternative perspectives — I’m always able to take it and take it back to my own work. We partnered with Pepsi this year to rethink their experience around the traditional soda fountain machine. Kickstarter has always been my favorite platform for creativity. Park will be speaking at Generate New York on 17 April 2015. What’s your Generate talk going to be about? Brilliant WordPress tutorial selection
The ultimate guide to logo design
Our favourite web fonts – and they don’t cost a penny I might be the only one who still uses a PC in our office and I still design for most of my projects using Adobe CS3! Read these! I’m very old school when it comes to tools and gadgets. It’s a niche kind of project, but we’re actually getting lots of calls from clients interested in exploring that kind of marketing. Buy your Generate New York ticket
What have you been working on most recently at Firstborn? We also helped Rolex set a new standard for how watches and goods can be showcased in a digital space with the creation of The Rolex Daytona Experience tablet app. JoonYong Park   began his Firstborn career as a senior art director in 2004, was promoted to creative director in 2007, and was named chief creative officer in 2010. Firstborn recently created a virtual reality experience using the Oculus Rift for Mountain DewWhat’s the most inspiring thing you’ve seen as of late? We call this the Experience Economy. The range of ideas and initiatives are amazing—everything from reading brainwaves to a gadget that fills up 300 water balloons in less than 5 minutes. I’m going to talk about the things that people forget about when it comes to being a creative — selling the idea in to a client, what goes into creating the idea, how important it is to collaborate closely with a developer every step of the way, and all of the challenges we confront along the way. I don’t think anyone knew it would be this big or this successful, so seeing all of these great ideas come to life is really cool. (Don’t worry, the rest of our company is fully up to date.) For me, I just need a good cup of coffee and some quiet time in order to do some good design work. We’ve recently launched several fun and interesting projects. At Firstborn, we believe that user experience (UX) isn’t just a digital discipline — it applies to how brands fundamentally connect with consumers across every medium.

Updated: 22.12.2014 — 22:20