History Lesson: Posts About the Past — Best of 2014

(Image credits: WikiQuote) From December 21 through January 1 we are rounding up our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year. While we’re all about what’s new and trending, it’s great to look back and learn a little from the past. From love letters to little red lighthouses, here are some of our favorite history posts from the last year:

A Historical Love Letter About Making a Home Together
Pretty Practical: The History of “Haint Blue” Porch Ceilings
Garden Design Classics: The Armillary Sphere
Lifestyle Lessons from History: Ben Franklin’s 13 Tips for Happiness
Why May 1st Was “Moving Day” For All of Manhattan
The Enchanting Story of the Little Red Lighthouse
A Brief History of the Hospitality Pineapple
The Original Brooklyn Hipsters: Dinanda Nooney Photo Collection at NYPL
The Secret History of Home Goods: 10 Curious Things About Duvets

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Updated: 23.12.2014 — 08:30