Known for unexpected installations and temporary works of architecture, the Brooklyn-based collaborative practice set up a bright white game room on level 5 of the carpark, inviting users to play ball and compete side-by-side on two fully-custom basketball arcade-style shootout games. Of course, what takes this installation to the next level isn’t just the fact that it’s located in a parking garage – it’s the stunning views of the Miami skyline that guests take in as they play. 1111 Lincoln Road by Swiss architecture firm Herzog de Meuron is a work of modern art, so it was a natural setting for Snarkitecture to show off some of their own designs. Airball with a View: Play in the World’s Sexiest Car Park

When a parking garage is considered a landmark in itself and used as the setting for fashion shows, music videos and orchestral performances, perhaps it’s no surprise that people are happy to hang out there for hours on end playing airbag. No worries about losing your ball over the side, as there are safety nets in place.

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