Fresh bid to redevelop Edinburgh’s St Margaret’s House

In their design statement Michael Laird said: “The proposed tenemental blocks to London Road relate directly to the contextual scale with vertical articulation at each end to allow landmark blocks to be emphasised. | Send to friend

December 23 2014

Caledonian Trust have renewed an application for planning in principle for a 21,500sqm of mixed use development including residential, retail/commercial, hotel and student accommodation on the site of St Margaret’s House, a disused Edinburgh office block. “Height is used to articulate the end block towards the west. This structure is intended for hotel use and would act as an urban anchor for the development, giving an immediate identity and dynamic edge to the development.”
Lower ground floor parking will be offered, with landscaped courtyard decks raised above the level of an adjacent railway line.

Updated: 24.12.2014 — 04:36