33 Insanely Clever Products That Came Out In 2014

It’s sleek, functional, and compact. Avoiding sodium? 21. Rainmaker — Plant Watering Cloud

For days when the actual clouds just aren’t cutting it water-providing-wise. The Barisieur — Alarm Clock And Coffee Maker


Wake up to the smell of coffee brewing directly beside you. 5. 7. Kangaroo Light — Flexible Lighting


Use one as a nightlight! You can now keep track of your progress using ShotTracker. 16. 2. Source:   Buzz Feed Cocoon — Home Security Device

This gadget might look cute, but it’s better than the fiercest watch dog: It keeps your home safe by sensing activity — even through walls and doors! Hush — Smart Earplugs

Things you don’t want to hear: your husband’s snoring, your neighbor’s band. 8. Icecap — Wine Chiller And Aerator

Turn room-temperature wine into cellar-temperature wine with ease. Problem solved. Just slip on the wrist band, attach a sensor to your net, download the app, and you’re good to go. Avo — Self-Cleaning Tropical Fish Tank


Having a fish tank? Patch Of Sky — Ambient Lights

Patch Of Sky will keep you connected with your long-distance loved ones: Each light
is able to access weather information based on your current Facebook location and then display that information with colored light animations. Baking is now a bit breezier. Posted By MMK on Dec 23, 2014 | comments

Take a look at what the gods of gadgetry gave us this year…
1. Edyn — Garden System

Is your thumb black instead of green? The Golden Goose — Egg Scrambler


This genius device scrambles eggs without ever breaking the shell. Smelling a fish tank? Ritot — Projection Watch

The easiest (and most futuristic) way to check the time. Cumulous — Parasol

An umbrella that only inflates when the sun starts to shine: Imagine how wonderful it would be to see a fleet of these things surrounding a pool — the clouds blow away and then they start to bloom en masse. Amazing. 18. SmartMat to the rescue. Never again, my friend. 32. Yup: This is truly the best alarm clock in the world. 29. ButterUp — Knife Butter Softener

Ever rip a slice of bread by attempting to slather on butter that’s too hard and un-melty? The system tracks environmental conditions to help your plants stay alive. Ice Cream Sandwich 9000mAh Power Bank


This will charge your phone and other mobile devices, but let’s face it — the best feature is the fact that it looks like an ice cream sandwich. It even ties them! Just try to avoid a Michael Scott and the Foreman Grill incident. Vessyl — Smart Cup

The drinking receptacle that knows what you’re drinking, Vessyl can track a plethora of things: how many calories you ingest, if you’re hydrated enough, if you’re going to get jittery from too much caffeine, how to time your beverage intake to get a good night’s sleep, and so much more. Summertime just got 100% less sweaty (for you and your bottles of beer). The light will inform your friend or relative “about the sky and world you’re living in” no matter how far away you may be. Never again. 12. Wonderful. So many options. Bluesmart — Carry-On Bag

A carry-on suitcase that you can control from your phone (“like a boss”). Pop one in your purse and you’ll always be ready to fix things. 33. Soon you’ll have your own personal shooting profile. 19. 11. Icybreeze — Portable Air Conditioner And Cooler
Regular coolers just keep your drinks cold; this one does that, but it cools you down as well. 28. SipSnap — Reuseable Drinking Lids

A patron saint for moms with spill-prone kids. It will also adjust the fan speed based upon desired temperature. 17. 27. 10. Pearl — Compact Mirror USB Rechargeable Battery

Why crowd your purse with both a compact and a battery charger? Someday… someday. Yolkfish — Egg Separator

Thanks for separating my eggs, fish friend. Leave one in your cavern of a purse to help you easily find things! The Ritot can also project text messages, emails, calendar and weather alerts, and Twitter notifications. 26. TellSpec — Food Scanning System
A hand-held device that will tell you the allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in your food. ShotTracker — Wearable Basketball Performance Device


Play a lot of basketball? Point this thing at your meal and find out if you should dig in or put down your fork and step away from the plate. Adobe Ink And Slide — Stylus For iPad

A game changing stylus that’ll become your essential designing (or doodling) tool. 31. Haiku Fan With Sense ME Technology

This fan is able to recognize when someone leaves or enters a room and then turns on or off accordingly.

Updated: 24.12.2014 — 16:50