Pros and cons of pet sitting services



Every pet owner knows: leaving your family pet at home when you are away is always stressful. Some people try to minimize stress by using help of pet boards, others prefer take an advantage of pet sitting services.

What is pet sitting? In general, it means that someone will come to your home and will care for your pet while you are away. Of course, there are many beneficial and negative impacts of pet sitting provided by professional companies.

What are the pluses of such help?

  • Your pet is given a special attention and playtime
  • Pet sitters can also help you with daily routine (for instance, water plants or bring mail)
  • It is more safe that kennels, because your pet is protected from kennel diseases
  • Pet sitters can help in case of health emergency. Trained professionals can treat your pet appropriately.
  • Your pets stick to their own schedule. It is crucial in case if you have a kitten or a puppy that need regular feeding and bathroom procedures.
  • One-on-one attention is far better for anxious pets rather than being in kennel.

How about the minuses of pet sitting?

  • The most important thing – the pet sitter will enter your house. Are you sure that you entrust keys to reliable person?
  • There are too many pet sitting companies and it is crucial and still difficult to find trustworthy one without risking your property.
  • Your pets are still alone for the main part of the day and it may be too stressful for them.
  • In average, pet sitters take $10 per house visit. Can you imagine how much will that attendance cost to you?
  • Take into consideration reaction of your pet to strangers – not all animals, especially dogs, will eagerly let a pet sitter through his or her own territory.

Downsides of pet sitting can frighten off thoughtful and caring pet owner. And there is a solution!

Petcube – unique interactive wireless pet camera that allows you to watch, talk and play with your pet. With help of free mobile app on your smartphone you will be able to take photos, share videos and play laser games with your pet, no matter how far you are from home.

Hardly surprising that Petcube became one of the most successful pet products in history – all wishes and needs of pets and owners are taken into account. With its help you assure yourself that everything at home is fine and you are able to watch what your pet is doing. And from now on your family pet will no longer feel lonely while you are far away.


Updated: 19.01.2015 — 16:30