New Artworks by CJ Hendry – Pen on Paper

We are planning CJ Hendry’s first solo show in December, but want to give you a preview of some of the work we will be showcasing.

Penfolds Grange Hermitage 105 x 155

Pool balls – 1 through to 15 – 60cm x 60cm – signed and framed

The 8 has already been sold – to pre-purchase the others, please get in touch.


Old School soccer ball

Also 3 x Golf Balls, 3 x Tennis Balls and 3 x Baseballs

We arranged for CJ Hendry to meet Kanye West on the last leg of his Australian tour. She presented him with his very own hand-drawn US$100 bank note

Cj Hendry is exclusively represented by thecoolhunter.


Updated: 17.10.2014 — 06:31