Feeling Blah, Blue or Blocked? 6 Ways Your Home Can Give You a Lift

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I’ve always been restless. I’m also an introvert, and the world tends to be incredibly loud, energy-sapping and overwhelming for me. What keeps me from impulsively tossing away everything and becoming a hermit somewhere is surprisingly simple: my home. No matter what seems to be ailing me, home always seems to have a way to help. And I bet I’m not alone.

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When you’re feeling confused about what big life choice to make…

Do a total home decluttering.
Nothing brings more clarity to my life than simplifying as much as possible. Throwing away things that I’m holding onto for no good reason. The very physical act of hauling things out of my apartment is the symbolic jolt I need to equally clear out thoughts in my head I don’t need — usually helping me make the right decision with a clearer mind.

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When you’ve made a mistake or feel like you’re not good at anything…

Do a top-to-bottom, whole-home cleaning.
I scrub behind the refrigerator. I vacuum every crevice. I tackle all the laundry. Nothing makes me feel more confident or competent than successfully cleaning my entire home, and the feel-good vibes that comes from all that calorie burning is usually enough to make me forget whatever dumb thing I did. It’s like an instant reset button.

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When you’re feeling stressed…

Step away from whatever is stressing you out.
I like to pour a fresh cup of aromatic tea, sit in my favorite spot in my home and stay quiet (sometimes chocolate is involved). Listen to the breeze blowing through leaves. Try to identify whatever birds I’m hearing chirping. I let my home comfort me and give me the space to find strength to take a deep breath and tackle whatever crisis is wigging me out.

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When you’re feeling restless

Furniture. Rooms. Art. I try new things. I go grab three or four more plants and place them in new spots. Even when I’m feeling like far-off places are the only thing that might cure my restlessness, a simple perspective shift in my home — a quick redesign — is enough to cure me (for a little while, anyway). And walking around and touching and physically reconnecting with all my souvenirs from travels reminds me that while I might not be having exotic adventures right now, I’ve had a few so far, and there are probably plenty on the horizon.

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When you’ve been sick…

Let in the light.
I make sure I throw open my bedroom curtains and blinds, even if I’m not up for going outside. It’s instant therapy seeing that natural light come into my home. I indulge in my favorite sheets. I make sure soft rugs are underfoot for comfort. I let my home nurse me back to health.

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When you’re feeling lonely (but not particularly in the mood for company)…

Host yourself in your own home.
I treat myself like a guest in my own home. I light all my favorite candles. Fluff the living room up for myself. Put on the blues. Try a new recipe. I enjoy my own company in my own home and have a blast, all by myself.

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How does your home heal you? Tell us in the comments below!

(Image credits: Kim Lucian; Lauren Turner; Shay Spaniola; Alexis Buryk; Abby Cook)

Updated: 20.10.2014 — 21:05