9 Funny Finds from the Real Estate Listings

These real estate photos are making me laugh (and scratch my head) this week…

agent riding dolphin in real estate photo

1. Would an agent riding a dolphin make you more or less likely to buy a house from him?

putting out the welcome mat

2. Every day the house goes without a showing, it sends the Welcome mat a little closer to the street in hopes of luring someone in….


washer and dryer trapped behind sink

3. It was a great idea to add a sink to the laundry room. They just wish they’d remembered to take the clothes out of the machine first.

4. Still, I’d rather have that kind of laundry set up than this one:

washer above toilet terrible real estate photos


carpeted walls in illinois bedroom

5. This house in Illinois comes with wall-to-ceiling carpeting.



6. This bathroom is easy on the eyes but may be hard on the toes in the middle of the night.

7. But this one looks like it would be difficult to navigate even in daylight:

throne room watch your step


breakfast in bed studio in London Worst Room

8. Enjoy breakfast in bed every morning in this cozy London studio.


Please buy this house Lighter Side Real Estate

9. A lot of us can relate to this sense of desperation when a house doesn’t sell. The real estate agent who posted the ad reports, “It was a real ad for a real home out of real desperation, but it worked! I sold it!”

Thanks to the readers who sent me these via The House Enthusiast, The Lighter Side of Real Estate, Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos, and The Worst Room. If you find something unusual in the real estate listings, send it to me!

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