21 Beautiful Kitchens You’ll Want To Cook In Right Now

Imagine how much better your Easy Mac will taste when it’s made in an architecturally flawless kitchen.

1. This one in the Netherlands.

1By Doepel Strijkers and LEX Architects.

2By General Assembly.

3By Add Design.

4By Rebekah Zaveloff.

5By Marta Esteve.

6By Robert Palm.

7By Jeanne Rapone.

8By Cimarron Builders, Inc..

9By Geometrix.

10By Meyer Scherer Rockcastle.

11By Designer Kitchen.

12By Ryntovt Design.

13By AR Design Studio.

14By Studio NOO Design Inc.

15By 1st Option.

16By Canny Design.

17By Rios Clementi Hale Studios.

18By John Lewis of Hungerford.

19By Pininfarina.

20By Galeazzo Design.

21For sale by Sotheby’s.

Source: Buzz Feed

Updated: 22.10.2014 — 14:23