Packed Networks

The reflection becomes increasingly complex and rich when people and surrounding buildings are introduced into the space and when the packing is carried out in an irregular form. The piece is based on the observation that the reflection of perfectly reflective tangent spheres into each other generates infinite fractal patterns (a tetrahedron of spheres, for example, creates a Sierpinski-type gasket). In the Tall Tree and the Eye at the Royal Academy of Arts,
London (2009), designed with Anish Kapoor, 70 mirror polished spheres, each with a thickness of 1.5 millimetres (0.06 inches) and a diameter of 1 metre (3 feet), are stacked
Figure 12. Plan

to a height of 14 metres (46 feet). Toyo Ito & Associates with Arup AGU, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, Kensington Gardens, London, 2002
Interlocking pattern of panels forming the pavilion deriving from geometric construction. Arup AGU, Pedro and Ines Bridge, Coimbra, Portugal, 2007
View of the bridge from below, showing the ‘cut-and-shift’ forming the ‘floating’ square.

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