Time Capsule: WWI Soldier’s Bedroom Remains Untouched

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When WWI French second lieutenant Hubert Rochereau died while fighting in Belgium in 1918, his heartbroken parents vowed to preserve his bedroom exactly as he left it. And they managed it even after their deaths.

When they sold the house in 1936, they included a clause in the deed stating that the room should be frozen in time for 500 years. Though the claim has no legality, the two subsequent owners of the house have respected their wishes and left the room untouched.

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It’s still filled with Rocherau’s things: a gun collection, his military jacket (now full of moth holes), books and personal photographs. It’s a touching tribute to this fallen soldier and a fascinating look back in time almost 100 years.

See more at Europe1 (if you happen to speak French) or the Huffington Post.

(Image credits: Matthieu Bock for Europe1)

Updated: 24.10.2014 — 04:07