Folded Networks

The balustrade is a three-dimensional folding of four shapes of coloured glass animating the bridge with reflections and shades of light. Spatially the cut-and-shift move generates an unexpected event at the midspan; a ‘floating’ square hangs suspended over the water where people meander and pause. The structure remains perfectly balanced in its three-dimensional form, acquiring lateral stability through the spreading of its supports. It does this through the introduction of a disruption at its midspan, a ‘cut – and-shift’ move which splits the deck into two, pushing the supports towards the outer edges of the bridge. The Pedro and Ines Bridge in Coimbra, Portugal (2007) questions the traditional concept of crossing a river in a straight linear trajectory, subverting the two-dimensional balance of forces typical of classical arching bridge structures.

Updated: 29.10.2014 — 16:21