PagePark submit Springburn social housing plan

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October 23 2014

PagePark submit Springburn social housing plan

PagePark architects have submitted plans on behalf of Loretto Housing Association to build 49 homes for social rent in the Springburn area of Glasgow.

Spread across eight blocks of accommodation on the site of the former Albert School the scheme will be formed around a central ‘spine’ connecting Springburn Academy to the town centre. From this a number of connected courtyard spaces would be created, providing direct access to adjoining properties and ‘home-zone’ shared surfaces.

Straddling a series of high retaining walls necessitated by a significant level drop the scheme also incorporates a series of rear backcourts offering both private gardens and communal green spaces and utility areas. 

In their design statement PagePark said: “The regular pattern of the blocks is broken up by changes in material which have been chosen to bring out the character of each courtyard. The blocks nearest the red sandstone tenements of Barclay Street are faced in a terracotta-coloured brick, ones nearest the existing stone retaining walls are faced in a grey-brown facing brick and the others in the
centre of the site are faced in white render to highlight the new route through the site.”

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