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Q: Hello! I need some help with a strange kitchen / dining nook / landing strip area that has subway tiles extending past the upper kitchen cabinets. There’s an overhang of the kitchen counter that is meant to be a breakfast bar, but it’s not deep enough to sit at. We’ve tucked a table under there to create a place to sit and eat.

There’s a white/wood rolling cart that’s partially tucked under the countertop at one end that I’m planning to get rid of:

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My first and only thought on how to deal with this space is to put some shelves along the wall. The lowest shelf would butt up against the kitchen cabinet and run along the subway tile out to the edge of the wall. There could be two more shelves above it at equal intervals. How deep should the shelves be? Should they run to the edge of the wall? Is there a better solution?

Basically, I want the kitchen cabinets to blend in more seamlessly and connect to the dining nook and entrance zone. Also it would be great to have a dining area that doesn’t look like it’s crammed into the space, so perhaps a long, skinny table would fit well here?

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Updated: 24.10.2014 — 16:17