Welcome Guests, Now Get Out

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As with most comedy, the things that make us laugh the hardest are the ideas that hit just a liiiittle too close to home (literally).

Such was the case when we happened upon the hilarious recent Onion article entitled, Please, Make Yourself At Home While I Silently Count Down The Seconds Until You Leave.

Why oh why do we feel this way? Of course we want to invite our friends over, we want to host our families but despite the heaps of fun we have with our guests (hear that, guests?) we can never help but feel a twinge of “when will they leave so I can put on my pjs?”

My theory: being the host is hard! No matter how excited you are to see your guests or how much you’ve prepared for their visit, having someone in your home means you’re responsible for their happiness, at least while they’re within your walls.The unspoken host/guest contract requires you to always be on and sometimes that requires you to just fake it. As the article says, “As my guest, you deserve what appears to be my genuine hospitality.”

Read the Onion article to fully understand the depths of our hosting angst.

(Image credits: Jen Siska – Erin Danny Living Together in Only 500 Square Feet)

Updated: 24.10.2014 — 20:17