7 Things You’re Probably Forgetting to Clean

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When I worked on the doorknobs and light switch plates, I realized that even those of us who consider ourselves pretty clean have things in our homes that could use a little attention. Here are seven spots even you neat freaks are probably missing:

Refrigerator coils. Not all refrigerators have coils that can be cleaned by the consumer, but if yours does, you should clean them. The accumulation of dust can cause your appliance to run inefficiently. Check here for instructions.

Makeup brushes. These tools that touch our faces every day are no place for gunk build-up or, worse, bacteria, but if you neglect cleaning them, that’s just what your’re brushing over your face. Wash them with shampoo until the water runs clear and soak in white vinegar to disinfect.

Under the beds. To save time and at least get some cleaning done, I often vacuum around furniture without moving anything. If I’m not vigilant, a lot of time can go by between under-bed cleanings. Since the bedroom is a prime location for allergy attacks, it’s important to eliminate as many dust bunnies as possible — and I bet there are some pretty impressive ones hiding under there right now.

Between and under the couch cushions. Who knows what treasure awaits you there. Seriously, especially if you have kids, you never know what’s lurking unseen in the couch. From missing game pieces to very old dried apricots — they’re better off where they belong.

Grout. Cleaning grout is one of those tasks that’s so unbearable it’s almost worth it to just let it go. (I wonder how many years before that phrase can be uttered — or written, as the case may be — without triggering a certain plaintive Disney refrain). But chances are, if you pay attention to the grout regularly, you’ll be more aware of cleaning spills right away and won’t have to go the route of a massive grout-cleaning session (or at least, not again).

Vent grates. These can gather dust that you certainly don’t want circulating in your indoor air. Give them a good swipe with a microfiber cloth or other duster.

Window frames. I’m talking about the little groove that the window fits into on the bottom of the frame (if yours open upward). Not sure what they are called — but have you looked in there lately? Mine get filled with the usual dust, grime, pollen, and the occasional dead bugs and — gulp — frogs!! I let my husband get those guys out.

What cleaning task are you pretty sure most of us are forgetting about?

(Image credits: Sam Anne’s Cozy Modern Blend)

Updated: 25.10.2014 — 04:17