Pros and cons of pet sitting services



Every pet owner knows: leaving your family pet at home when you are away is always stressful. Some people try to minimize stress by using help of pet boards, others prefer take an advantage of pet sitting services.

What is pet sitting? In general, it means that someone will come to your home and will care for your pet while you are away. Of course, there are many beneficial and negative impacts of pet sitting provided by professional companies.

What are the pluses of such help?

  • Your pet is given a special attention and playtime
  • Pet sitters can also help you with daily routine (for instance, water plants or bring mail)
  • It is more safe that kennels, because your pet is protected from kennel diseases
  • Pet sitters can help in case of health emergency. Trained professionals can treat your pet appropriately.
  • Your pets stick to their own schedule. It is crucial in case if you have a kitten or a puppy that need regular feeding and bathroom procedures.
  • One-on-one attention is far better for anxious pets rather than being in kennel.

How about the minuses of pet sitting?

  • The most important thing – the pet sitter will enter your house. Are you sure that you entrust keys to reliable person?
  • There are too many pet sitting companies and it is crucial and still difficult to find trustworthy one without risking your property.
  • Your pets are still alone for the main part of the day and it may be too stressful for them.
  • In average, pet sitters take $10 per house visit. Can you imagine how much will that attendance cost to you?
  • Take into consideration reaction of your pet to strangers – not all animals, especially dogs, will eagerly let a pet sitter through his or her own territory.

Downsides of pet sitting can frighten off thoughtful and caring pet owner. And there is a solution!

Petcube – unique interactive wireless pet camera that allows you to watch, talk and play with your pet. With help of free mobile app on your smartphone you will be able to take photos, share videos and play laser games with your pet, no matter how far you are from home.

Hardly surprising that Petcube became one of the most successful pet products in history – all wishes and needs of pets and owners are taken into account. With its help you assure yourself that everything at home is fine and you are able to watch what your pet is doing. And from now on your family pet will no longer feel lonely while you are far away.


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10 inspirational examples of vector artwork

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Tea Kettle by Sori Yanagi — Maxwell’s Daily Find 12.23.14

Tea Kettle by Sori Yanagi

• $64.44


Quite simply my favorite kettle. A cross between the utilitarian design that I’ve found in Chinese restaurants in NYC (no bells and whistles) and a high end, finely finished Italian car, Sori Yanagi’s is big enough, all stainless steel, easy to clean and has an elegant pour. Previous

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Greatest fonts countdown: 59 – Lyon

Or you can download a digital edition directly to your iPad from the Computer Arts app on iTunes. Lyon made its debut in the New York Times Magazine in 2009 when paper sizes were shaved. With a few additions from the experts at Creative Bloq and Computer Arts magazine, the best fonts ever were selected for the new book, 100 Best Typefaces Ever. This paired with a certain Times-like unobtrusiveness in text sizes, contrasts nicely with Lyon’s 16th century heritage’. Images copyright © The New York Times Magazine and via spd.orgKai Bernau, 2009-2010
Typeface and book designer Kai Bernau originally designed Lyon Text in 2006 as his degree project for the Type + Media MA program at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, and later reworked the family for release by Commercial Type. Over 180 premium pages, the book dissects the world’s greatest typefaces, bringing you some insightful background on each and interviews with their creators. “We were attracted to Lyon because it’s well drawn, very legible and nice to look at, but also slightly more condensed than our previous body copy, which in turn allows for more words per line,” said Design Director Arem Duplessis in a 2009 interview with The Society of Publication Designers. In 2010, designer Bernau expanded the typeface, sharpening the serifs and softening the hard corners on the ball terminals and the lowercase g. FontShop AG, the renowned type foundry, conducted a survey based on historical relevance, sales at, and aesthetic quality. The result is – again, according to Commercial Type – ‘a decidedly contemporary take on the Oldstyle tradition, with relatively high contrast and a wide weight range’. Lyon is geared towards books and publications, retaining a ‘decisively digital outline treatment that reveals the modern repertoire of tools, and the typeface itself as a modern design tool. Here we are counting down the 100 greatest fonts, but you can read interviews with some of the typefaces’ creators, a brief history of type, the anatomy of a font, and much, much more in the book – find out how to get your copy in print or digital formats at the foot of this post.

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Our Favorite Living Rooms — Best of 2014

Here are some of our favorite living rooms from some of our favorite house tours in 2014. From December 21 through January 1 we are rounding up our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year. Love these rooms and want to see more? (Image credits: Rebecca Bond; Adrienne Breaux; Nancy Mitchell; Cathy Pyle; Pablo Enriquez; Shay Spaniola; Kim Lucian; Julia Brenner; Monica Roy; Jessica Isaac; Jacqueline Marque) → Welcome to Apartment Therapy’s Best of 2014 roundup! It’s where your life at home happens, so you want to make it a space where you feel relaxed and inspired.

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33 Insanely Clever Products That Came Out In 2014

It’s sleek, functional, and compact. Avoiding sodium? 21. Rainmaker — Plant Watering Cloud

For days when the actual clouds just aren’t cutting it water-providing-wise. The Barisieur — Alarm Clock And Coffee Maker

Wake up to the smell of coffee brewing directly beside you. 5. 7. Kangaroo Light — Flexible Lighting

Use one as a nightlight! You can now keep track of your progress using ShotTracker. 16. 2. Source:   Buzz Feed Cocoon — Home Security Device

This gadget might look cute, but it’s better than the fiercest watch dog: It keeps your home safe by sensing activity — even through walls and doors! Hush — Smart Earplugs

Things you don’t want to hear: your husband’s snoring, your neighbor’s band. 8. Icecap — Wine Chiller And Aerator

Turn room-temperature wine into cellar-temperature wine with ease. Problem solved. Just slip on the wrist band, attach a sensor to your net, download the app, and you’re good to go. Avo — Self-Cleaning Tropical Fish Tank

Having a fish tank? Patch Of Sky — Ambient Lights

Patch Of Sky will keep you connected with your long-distance loved ones: Each light
is able to access weather information based on your current Facebook location and then display that information with colored light animations. Baking is now a bit breezier. Posted By MMK on Dec 23, 2014 | comments

Take a look at what the gods of gadgetry gave us this year…
1. Edyn — Garden System

Is your thumb black instead of green? The Golden Goose — Egg Scrambler

This genius device scrambles eggs without ever breaking the shell. Smelling a fish tank? Ritot — Projection Watch

The easiest (and most futuristic) way to check the time. Cumulous — Parasol

An umbrella that only inflates when the sun starts to shine: Imagine how wonderful it would be to see a fleet of these things surrounding a pool — the clouds blow away and then they start to bloom en masse. Amazing. 18. SmartMat to the rescue. Never again, my friend. 32. Yup: This is truly the best alarm clock in the world. 29. ButterUp — Knife Butter Softener

Ever rip a slice of bread by attempting to slather on butter that’s too hard and un-melty? The system tracks environmental conditions to help your plants stay alive. Ice Cream Sandwich 9000mAh Power Bank

This will charge your phone and other mobile devices, but let’s face it — the best feature is the fact that it looks like an ice cream sandwich. It even ties them! Just try to avoid a Michael Scott and the Foreman Grill incident. Vessyl — Smart Cup

The drinking receptacle that knows what you’re drinking, Vessyl can track a plethora of things: how many calories you ingest, if you’re hydrated enough, if you’re going to get jittery from too much caffeine, how to time your beverage intake to get a good night’s sleep, and so much more. Summertime just got 100% less sweaty (for you and your bottles of beer). The light will inform your friend or relative “about the sky and world you’re living in” no matter how far away you may be. Never again. 12. Wonderful. So many options. Bluesmart — Carry-On Bag

A carry-on suitcase that you can control from your phone (“like a boss”). Pop one in your purse and you’ll always be ready to fix things. 33. Soon you’ll have your own personal shooting profile. 19. 11. Icybreeze — Portable Air Conditioner And Cooler
Regular coolers just keep your drinks cold; this one does that, but it cools you down as well. 28. SipSnap — Reuseable Drinking Lids

A patron saint for moms with spill-prone kids. It will also adjust the fan speed based upon desired temperature. 17. 27. 10. Pearl — Compact Mirror USB Rechargeable Battery

Why crowd your purse with both a compact and a battery charger? Someday… someday. Yolkfish — Egg Separator

Thanks for separating my eggs, fish friend. Leave one in your cavern of a purse to help you easily find things! The Ritot can also project text messages, emails, calendar and weather alerts, and Twitter notifications. 26. TellSpec — Food Scanning System
A hand-held device that will tell you the allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in your food. ShotTracker — Wearable Basketball Performance Device

Play a lot of basketball? Point this thing at your meal and find out if you should dig in or put down your fork and step away from the plate. Adobe Ink And Slide — Stylus For iPad

A game changing stylus that’ll become your essential designing (or doodling) tool. 31. Haiku Fan With Sense ME Technology

This fan is able to recognize when someone leaves or enters a room and then turns on or off accordingly.

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5 trends in indie game design for 2015

After a while you start to understand that other people sometimes have a point and you start   to let your guard down and work   together instead of against each   other.”

This way of thinking is what drives this new world of indie development, and it permeates through to the software developers: “In the past, it was mostly big budget productions that got to see the light of day. We see a lot of users on Steam starting by modding their favourite game and then moving into full game development later on. “For my project I already had a specific game in mind, several design documents and, since I’m an artist, concept art and 3D renders of what I wanted it to look like. Fuse is shortening the path between idea and game-ready asset.”
02. In this article, we look at the latest trends in indie game development and how they are making it easier than ever to break into this exciting industry. It was like a dream come true. Consequently a few weeks later we collectively paid the rent of a very cheap but massive house in the middle of nowhere. Read these! Klaes Simonsen”When BetaDwarf started out, we didn’t have any monet so we moved into an unused university classroom during the summer vacation. 01. “I’ve been working on this idea for over five years and tried to partner with different programmers to make it happen. Ideas matter more than titles
“Even though we have official titles, like CEO and lead programmer, in reality we really don’t work from a strict hierarchy. “Mixamo is developing Fuse to solve the problem of needing high-quality character assets without hiring a full team to produce the models. He started to learn how to program a year ago and now has a fully working prototype with over three hours of gameplay. One goal should be to invest in unique RD; developing your own tools around those everyone else has access too will in turn result in some astonishing results. Distribution is becoming more democratic
As the tools become more democratised, access to the market is also easier. Something that we definitely encourage with Fuse and our other services,” explains Stefano. “We were thrown out and had no home, resulting in us rapidly Googling the cheapest place to live in Denmark. At Mixamo, we believe there are more stories out there than just what highly specialised teams can produce,” says Stefano. One of those developers is Mixamo, whose Fuse software has recently been updated to enable users to customise imported content, opening up creative possibilities to hobbyists and modders, as well as game developers. There really doesn’t seem to be a better time to get into game development. But one morning after seven months a teacher randomly went into the room and discovered eight guys in underwear brushing their teeth in front of a ton of hardware,” laughs 3D environment artist Klaes Simonsen. “My goal is to get some solid feedback to improve it and   once it’s good enough I’ll try to find a way to work on it full time.”
04. The advantage of current tools and CG packages means almost anyone can try their hand at game development, and as you’re doing it outside of the mainstream structures these groups are finding new pipelines to work within. Of course, it did complicate our ‘Bringing the girl home from a bar’ moments in that period, but still we enjoyed it!”
BetaDwarf’s first game, Forced, has sold 1,000,000 copiesBetaDwarf’s first game, Forced, has sold over 100,000 copies on iOS ensuring the group can develop new projects. 05. “The fact that these communities can also access software and assets directly inside the Steam marketplace does help more people to get started. Only when I finally met Jonathan Blow and he told me, ‘If you really want to do your own game you need to learn how to program,’ did I understand what I had to do,” says Luis. “We see Steam as the place for potential and future indie game artists and developers to get exposure to a large audience, Corazza continues. “Of course this mindset opens up to a lot more discussions and even arguing, but over time the team sort of streamline their ideas, find compromises and start anticipating their co-workers point of view. 03. Luis AntonioOne artist doing just this is Luis Antonio. New tools mean you don’t need a full team
Software like Fuse is changing everythingWith Modo Steam Edition, Maya LT and Blender, not to mention Unity’s recent release for PlayStation 4, making your game has never been easier. We believe in letting the better argument decide, not the title,” says Klaes.


Sou Fujimoto to create House of Hungarian Music at new Budapest museum park

FotoMuzeum Budapest by KÖZTI Architects EngineersEach   of the proposed buildings is expected to demonstrate sustainable building   techniques, whilst also fitting in with the natural and built heritage of the historic park, which claims to have been the world’s first public park. House of Hungarian Music by Sou FujimotoOther projects for the   complex will create new homes for the Hungarian Museum of Photography   –   which will become   FotoMuzeum Budapest – and the Hungarian Museum of Architecture, both of which will be designed by Hungarian firm KÖZTI Architects Engineers. Round openings will   create lightwells, which will in some places continue through the floors. House of Hungarian Music by Sou FujimotoSou Fujimoto’s   design for   the House of Hungarian Music was selected via an anonymous competition process to become one of five new museums planned for a park just outside Budapest’s city centre. Hungarian Mueum of Architecture by KÖZTI Architects EngineersFrench studio   Vallet de Martinis DIID Architectes has also been chosen to design the   Museum of Ethnography. Museum of Ethnography by Vallet de Martinis DIID Architectes”Thanks to this design competition, the museums to be built in the City Park will create a harmonious dialogue with the park and its built environment, representing outstanding architectural value for Budapest and all of Hungary, while catering to the collections and the visitors with their 21st-century functional solutions at a world standard,” said László Baán, ministerial commissioner for the Liget Budapest Project. House of Hungarian Music by Sou FujimotoThe Japanese architect proposes a glass-walled building sheltered beneath   a white   canopy, reminiscent of a giant mushroom. FotoMuzeum Budapest by KÖZTI Architects EngineersKnown as the Liget Budapest Project, the development is spearheaded by The Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and the Városliget Zrt. A new competition has now been announced. Related story: Sou Fujimoto bus shelter closed to prevent “possible accidents”The scheme is part of the Liget Budapest project –   one of Europe’s largest museum developments. Hungarian Mueum of Architecture by KÖZTI Architects EngineersThe complex will be completed by the New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum, but no architect has been named for this building as the jury – chaired by Rijksmuseum director Wim Pijbes and Pritzker Prize managing director Martha Thorne – couldn’t find a suitable candidate among the 80 submissions.

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House Tours for the Holidays: 10 Favorites from March — Best of 2014

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